The Jumbo Buffet at 1721 W. 41st Street closed its doors for good Monday (May 20) after seeing business dwindle since a popular competitor came to town.

The Hibachi Grill opened a few blocks east of the Jumbo Buffet in November 2012. The owners of the Jumbo Buffet said that since Hibachi opened, they've been empty.

I had been a frequent visitor of the restaurant since it had opened as China Star buffet in 2006. It was always one of our favorites when looking for that type of cuisine but in our opinion, the food quality had gone down considerably since last fall. Whether that had anything to do with the new competition, I can't say.

The Jumbo Buffet is the second Chinese food buffet to close in the past several weeks. The China Buffet at 41st and Western closed in April.