Anyone that has ever flown before has undoubtedly heard the flight attendant tell you, "The captain has just turned on the fasten seat belt sign.  Please take your seat at this time, as we can expect to see a little turbulence ahead." Chances are your experience was nothing quite like this JetBlue flight.

JetBlue Flight 429 traveling from Boston to Sacramento, California, encountered severe storms and needed to be diverted to Rapid City, South Dakota on Thursday, August 11, 2016, due to heavy turbulence.

The whole thing sounded like a scene from one of the old "Airport" movies from the 1970's as the turbulence was so strong, it injured more than 20 passengers and two crew members.

One passenger on board said, "It felt like we hit a wall, then we just dropped and you saw computers, iPads, books and coffee cups fly everywhere." The passenger likened it to a ride at an amusement park, "That whips you up very quickly, then just drops you in a free fall."

The scary flight ended up landing in Rapid City around 7:30 P.M. at which time all the injured passengers were taken to Rapid City Regional Hospital, treated for minor injuries and released.

Passengers said the pilots kept their calm and got us on the ground safely.

A replacement aircraft was being sent to Rapid City to get the remaining passengers to their destination according to JetBlue spokeswoman Katherine McMillan.

Source: CBS News

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