One of Broadway's greatest musicals is getting an arena tour this Summer and it is packed with star power.

Brandon Boyd from Incubus is playing Judas, JC Chasez from NSync is playing Pontius Pilate, Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child is playing Mary Magdalene, Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols is playing King Herod, and Ben Forster is playing Jesus Christ.

At first, I was like how is this going to work.  Brandon Boyd from Incubus and Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols in a musical?!?! And not just any musical, Jesus Christ Superstar?!?! Weird.

And not because these people aren't talented, but because they just don't seem the musical theater type.  Which, I guess, really, the theater embraces all types so I shouldn't judge.

I was set a little more at ease when I saw Brandon Boyd and Michelle Williams perform on of the iconic songs on Good Morning America this week.

It's an arena rock spectacular!

The show will be swinging by pretty close to home with shows in Lincoln, NE, St. Paul, MN, and Kansas City, MO.