How many times have you been playing Scrabble only to discover that your 'prefect' word isn't a legal Scrabble word after all?

Now you can change all that.

The maker of Scrabble, Hasbro, is allowing players to submit a word for consideration in the updated version of the The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.  It will be the first time in nine years a new word has been added.

Between now and March 28th you can enter your word on Hasbro's Facebook page.  16 finalists will be selected for a 'March Madness-style' bracket, with the winning word announced April 10th.

I think I might have the perfect 'word':


Never heard of it?  Well it's that person that brings bad luck to a test taker,  We all knew a 'Quizjinx' when we were in school didn't we? We just never knew what to call them - until now.

I know it's eight letters (a player only has seven tiles at a time on their shelf), but you can certainly play it on any open I, N, or U.  The Q and J are worth ten points each, the J and X eight points, the vowels (U, I, I) and N are one point each for a total of 40 points, plus a 50 point bonus for using all seven of your letters.  Grand total = 90 points.

Now just imagine laying that bad boy down on a 'Triple Word' square.