I'll be honest, 98 Degrees wasn't my favorite boy band growing up, but when they're playing 20 minutes away, I have to go.

The guys did not disappoint. When I bought my tickets a couple months ago, I did not realize it was going to be a holiday show, but as long as they still played all their hits, I was OK with it!

And they did play all their hits! "Because of You,""The Hardest Thing,""Invisible Man,""True To Your Heart," and "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" were all on the set list! Plus, all your favorite holiday classics.

They also did covers of "Let It Go" and "Circle of Life." Probably my favorite was their version of "The Grinch." They really played up the character of that song and were sneaking around the stage and having fun with it.

I thought the crowd was a bit distracted and talkative when they could have been, ya know, watching the show, but whatever, I still had a good time!