While a The Walking Dead obsession has gripped many of us recently, the folks at CableTV.com dug into their data to find out what the most popular TV show is in each state. Not necessarily the most watched show in every state, but the the show with the most buzz.

We looked at the top 200 most popular TV shows from IMDB (Internet Movie Database. Duh.), cross referenced Google Trends data from the past twelve months, and came up with the most statistically significant, unique TV program in each state. For example, Silicon Valley is not the most-watched show in California, but it is more popular per capita in California than in any other state.

According to their results, Bazinga, South Dakota loves The Big Bang Theory. The story of scientists in California and their neighbor from Nebraska is tops in the Mount Rushmore state.

Our friends to the south in Penny's home state, Nebraska, love Modern Family.

In the land of Paul Bunyan, Minnesota, they just can't get enough of The Simpsons.

Iowa loves Two and a Half Men. No data was available saying if it's the per or post Sheen years.

You can see the whole list here.

Source: CableTV.com

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