The wife and I want to go to a movie tonight. The wife says "LEGO MOVIE".  I say if 2 people in their "extremely late 30's" walk into that theater with no kids Chris Hansen is going to show up with a camera crew.

Our Movie Critic Goddess, Cecily Knobler, says: "It's not really a kids movie, it's for adults, oy". OK, she didn't really say "oy". But it was inferred.

Cecily suggested I ask our facebook friends whether adults without kids should go to a kids movie.  So we asked: Have you seen the "Lego Movie"?  Would it be appropriate for "Adults" to go without "Kids"?  This is what some of our facebook friends had to say:

OK, we're going.  I asked Patty to come along with the wife and me.  She said she'll go to the movie with us.  So it like we found a kid to take after all...  

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