The University of Iowa was named the #1 party school in America. If you were wondering why, here's your proof (pun intended).

A 22-year-old student at the school named Samantha Goudie was arrested for drunk and disorderly after she tried to jump on the field at the Hawkeye football game on Saturday. What came next is what has turned her into an internet sensation/idiot.

She tweeted: "Just went to jail #yolo" and then "Blew a .341 in jail."

I'd be proud of .341 if it was my batting average, not my blood alcohol content. That's closing in on a lethal amount of booze in the body.

She also has a Vine posted of her scaring her dog with her favorite beverage.

Zazzle is selling a t-shirt with her likeness on it:

I'm not going to turn myself into a hypocrite and say she is an idiot because when I was 22 I probably got close to that level of intoxication more than once. I just didn't have Twitter or Facebook to brag about it and make myself into a nationally known drunk. I just hope you younger folks don't strive to achieve this level of legendary partying. It has gone wrong for many a rock star. Just Google John Bonham.