Just days ago I found out the Jack Link's company had commemorated National Jerky Day by building a Mount Rushmore covered entirely by beef, pork and turkey jerky. They displayed it all day on Thursday, June 12th in New York City at Columbus Circle. Now I've discovered an even more delicious rendering of our beloved monument.

Roadside America.com is a fun website that highlights wacky roadside attractions here in the U.S. It is inside the World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe in Orlando, Florida where the latest food rendition of Mount Rushmore resides. If you stop in, you'll get a guided tour which includes their gallery of famous landmarks which are all carved out of solid chocolate and weighing hundreds of pounds each.

Milk chocolate Mount Rushmore looks absolutely delicious! Why doesn't someone here in our home state make these, in miniature, for hungry tourists? Hey that's a great idea!

Take a look at chocolate Mount Rushmore here.