Every time I turn on ESPN it's there. Every time I look at news on my computer it's there. Every time I look at Twitter or Facebook it's there.

The FIFA World Cup is always trending. It's everywhere. I guess I'm supposed to sit down and watch every minute of the U.S. games. But I don't. Yesterday, when the Americans played their epic match against Portugal, I had completely forgot about it. I watched what I normally would on a Sunday afternoon at home with the kids, the Minnesota Twins, who won their fourth in a row against Chicago..

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

I know it's "the big thing" right now, but there is nothing that will get me to watch it over baseball. I love baseball. If that makes me uncool or uncultured, then I guess I am uncool and uncultured. But I love baseball, not soccer. I just don't get soccer. I intend no disrespect to the sport either. Football/soccer players are great athletes, they do amazing things on the pitch. But unless one of them gets kicked in the nuts, I just don't care. I would rather watch a regular season baseball game than any soccer match. If the U.S. makes it to the final, I might flip over to it between innings of the Twins and whoever they are playing, but it won't be must see TV for me.

People always tell me they think baseball is boring because there is no action. That's how I feel about soccer. It's simple sport to understand; ball goes in goal, team that kicked it scores. But it seems like no one ever scores. They just run around kicking the ball back and forth. I know there is obviously more to it than that, but that's how it looks to me.

I know people who don't even like sports are going nanners over the World Cup. It feels like a some people are following it because it's trending, which is fine. Maybe their excited about it because it's like the Olympics and they have a chance to root for our country, which is noble and patriotic. But the American coach, Jürgen Klinsmann, is from Germany. And just like the Olympics, some of the players national free agents. Mikkel Diskerud, who was born in Norway, has previously played for both Norwegian and American national teams.

Now before you send me an email and call me a dumbass and tell me how soccer/football is the most popular sport in the work, let me again say I am not disrespecting the sport. I am just surprised that I am apparently the only person in the United States that doesn't care about it and isn't watching it, that is if you believe the media and social media.