Lots of people are going to "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" this weekend. I'm not.

At the water park attached to our hotel in Omaha last weekend, Spidey was hanging out outside taking pictures and signing autographs. So I got to pose with my son for a photo with the super hero.

I asked him how he was enjoying Omaha and he told he liked the town.

"There's just enough tall buildings for me to get a workout in," he said. "I just wish my movie was coming out a month later so I could have swung into the College World Series."

He also said the best part was getting away from Mary Jane for a couple of days.

"She's awfully needy and very high maintenance," the disguised Peter Parker said. "She was trying to get me to take out the garbage while I was watching the Mets game the other day. So I just hit with a web and tried to fling it out the window but the window was closed. She was really pissed."