As I unpacked my shoes last night from the two HUGE boxes I realized I have a shoe problem. And realized I have to stop shoe shopping for awhile! I either need to sell some or give some away because I don't have a place to put all these. I will be looking at Pinterest to see if I can find some cleaver ways of storing them. I like it where I can see them, especially when picking out an outfit.

Now in my defense of having so many shoes. I have worn the same size since High School and it seems have a hard time getting rid of shoes. After this picture was taken I did part with 2 pair that were very worn, but that was hard to get rid of them!

So currently I am grounded from buying shoes. Even if they are a really good deal, I will hold back. Might I add that this is not all of them. I have several pairs downstairs to include flip flops! Yikes!