I'm not a big April fools guy, I'm not really into pranks and practical jokes. So the first day of April can catch me off guard. Wednesday morning I saw this post on on my Facebook.

The Walking Dead, season 6.

Posted by Stephen King on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I saw the post and got REALLY excited. It's not out of the question that King would write a Walking Dead script. He wrote a pretty good X-Files episode in the 90's.

When I clicked through to King's official site I read this:

"Following the record-breaking season 5 finale of The Walking Dead, today brings news that Stephen King has been tapped for season 6. An avid Walking Dead fan himself, Stephen is thrilled to announce that he has agreed to write an episode"

OK, so far that sounds great. Amazing in fact! I've been reading King since Jr. high. This could be like Joel on episode one of season 10 of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Then I read this part:

Here’s what Stephen has to say about the direction he plans to take: “I’ve been asked to write the opening episode of Season 6, where three major characters are to be killed off. No spoilers, but one of them carries a crossbow.”

A crossbow!?! That of course means Daryl! Stephen King is going to write the episode that kills off Daryl!

That can't be, Oh my gosh! It's so exciting - wait. Look at the bottom corner of my computer - oh yea, it's April first. Dang you Steve! You got me! Well done sir.