Sioux Falls Police will be in full force as they respond to people setting off fireworks in Sioux Falls.

"In Sioux Falls the fireworks," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens, "are for the most part restricted. This includes fireworks with any audible reports, projectile or launching component. Those are illegal. This covers just about every firework we have. Smoke bombs, snakes---those type of things are legal. But, if if makes noise or shoots something---it's illegal."

Clemens says this year police officers will be writing tickets if residents break the law!

"In 2010 we had 372 fireworks calls. In 2015 we had 522 fireworks calls. These calls keep going up even though we tell people they are illegal. People continue to do what they want to do. This year we are going to have added enforcement. We will be out there more than in the past. If police see someone shooting fireworks, they will be writing tickets."

Clemens says a ticket for shooting off fireworks is $95. If someone is cited for littering or throwing burning fireworks from a vehicle, they will get a $170 ticket

Firefighters will be accompanying police officers on July 4th in an effort to talk to residents about fireworks safety.