There are so many drug commercials on TV now, that it takes something pretty unique to even make me look at the screen. So it was a special treat when, while I was watching a re-run of "Castle" last week, during one of my days off, that a very strange little piece of advertising caught my attention.

A woman is riding in a bus with a very cute little pink creature with enormous blue eyes, sitting in the seat next to her. The little creature grabs her hand and silently begs to be taken off the bus for an urgent task. The dialogue then informs you that the cute little creature is this poor woman's bladder!!!!

The woman and her bladder continue their adventures in other venues around the city until the woman decides it is time for a visit to the doctor. At the doctor, the poor little bladder with the huge, expressive blue eyes sits at the table conveying a painful esteem issue.

At the end of the ad; the woman, her bladder and a friend share a blanket at an outdoor concert. Little Tinkle, (as I've decided to call it) is now looking calm, confident and content. By the end of the commercial I was laughing so hard I almost wet myself, but thankfully, I can still take my bladder for a walk without this problem.

Believe me when I say, I know that OAB (overactive bladder) syndrome is a vexing problem for many women, I'm simply questioning the information delivery vehicle here. I'm trying to imagine the creative minds that came up with this weird and perhaps drug-addled idea for a commercial!

When my dad was still a practicing physician back in the 70s, pharmaceutical reps would give doctors all kinds of swag to go along with the introduction of a new drug. Toys, statues, posters, pens, combs, car accessories- -you name it, would be printed with the name of the new drug and drug's manufacturer. To this day I still have kitschy items that my dad gave me. So if this were the old days; somewhere in my possession, would be a little stuffed pink toy bladder with the names Myrbetriq and Astellas Pharma on it.