My wife sent me this video and it's really funny. Even better, coming from her, it doesn't really apply to us at all.

We have never made a big deal out of Valentine's Day. Actually, we've only spent it together once. And I think Rockley was 3 months old so it wasn't exactly dinner and flowers. It was probably more like Crystal feeding and changing baby while I kept Jackie occupied.

I won't be sending her flowers on Valentine's day either. I only send her flowers when she tells me to so as not to incur her wrath for spending money on something that will be dead in a few days.

In a way both my wife and I are like the women in this video: they are the guys who forget or do some cheesy proposal. Meanwhile, the guys are the girls, name calling the women who get flowers and cards when they don't.

Whether or not the stereotypes of the genders on Valentine's Day are accurate, who cares? It makes for a funny sketch.