Lots of men, not all, are lazy slobs. I willingly admit I fall into that category. I don't always help out around the house as much as my wife would like. If my wife used one of these to motivate me, I would get the message, but I would not like it.

If you have a husband who is like me and doesn't always do as much as you would like, TheManMedals.com may have a way for you to mock and shame your husband into helping out.

Medals include "I Picked My Dirty Clothes Up," "I Put The Toilet Seat Down," "I Put The Toilet Paper On The Roll," "I Ran The Vacuum Cleaner," and "I Took The Garbage Out."

Just be warned, ladies, that the reaction you get from your husband after giving him one of these may not be positive. He may even get mad and chuck the medal across the room.