The crowd for the Hunter Hayes show on Friday was crazy huge.  I knew Hunter Hayes was a big deal, but I didn't realize he was this big of a deal.

We sat in the grandstand and had an amazing view of just how full the standing room was.

Then the show began and Hunter put on a great show.  He played guitar or piano on every song.  Plus, most of the show he was bouncing around keeping the crowd hyped.  He made me tired just watching.

In doing some pre-concert research and by research I mean listening to some of his tunes, I found this song.

'Everybody's Got Somebody But Me' is a great song for anyone who is single and annoyed at happy couples everywhere.  On the album it is a duet with Jason Mraz whom I love.

Hunter threw in a couple cover songs and my favorite was 'This Love' originally done by Maroon 5.  I would have gotten more than six seconds but I ran out of storage on my phone.

And of course, 'Wanted' was just beautifully done.  It was just dark enough that everyone's cell phones made the crowd look really pretty.  Hunter sang the song so well and I think the crowd did a pretty good job too.