How will you spend you tax return, that is if you don't have to pay in!

Like many I'm sure you plan on paying some bills with it and that is exactly what I am going to do, but I do plan on getting something that I have wanted for awhile. I want a new kitchen table. Mine is old and has lots of paint on it from art projects and it needs some repair done to the legs. I have wanted a counter height table for awhile so that is my plan, and maybe a coach purse.

Being responsible with your tax money is the way to go. Like I said, I am using most of mine for bills. Here are some other smart ways to spend your tax money.

  1. Pad your savings account. Instead of putting $25 a month in there put a good chunk of your refund in there.
  2. Pay off a credit card. Duh!
  3. If you have a retirement account add to it.
  4. Fix stuff at home to make your house more energy efficient.
  5. Buy in Bulk, stock up on stuff that you will need through out the year. Toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
  6. Down payment on a vehicle. Especially if your is costing you a ton in maintenance and repair.
  7. If you have been putting off dental work or something you need done. Get it done now.
  8. Start your emergency fund. Now is the time to get one started and make sure you add to it. This is separate from a savings account and you should keep it in a different bank so it is not as easy to take money out for things you don't need.
  9. Add money to your kids savings accounts.