I was just reading this article about an ACTUAL "instruction manual" for WOMEN about how to "satisfy" their husbands, from the 1950's. The story was posted on Mental Floss, says these are six sure ways to a great marriage:

#1) Don't talk. Because that's "nagging". Instead, be a good listener and stroke your husband's ego.

#2) Be a good cook. "A woman should be more than a mere can opener". You don't want your husband hitting up, "saloons" b/c you can't cook.

#3) Wear pink panties. Make sure they're "lacy with ruffles" and "spotlessly clean".

#4) Let him Cheat. If you find out, don't talk to him about it. Because, again, that would be, "nagging".

#5) Don't crave sex. If you do, then you're a woman who, "feasts on your husband's life force..."

#6) AND finally, "Remember who's boss" of your household.