I have never won the Powerball jackpot, nor have I even won a dollar playing the lottery game. I don't buy a ticket very often either. But with the jackpot estimated to be more than $550 million dollars I'm willing to burn a few bucks on a couple sets of numbers. But how do I pick Powerball numbers?

Since I couldn't really find a scientific method to picking the numbers, and one expert says to just pick numbers you feel good about and don't take the quick pick, I invented my own method to picking numbers. I don't really think it will work, but at least it gives me a way to get the numbers.

For the five white ball numbers, which number 1 to 59, and the Powerball, which numbers 1 to 35, I will select numbers based on the following:

White Ball #1 - The number of scars on your body plus the number of cats you or your immediate family has owned plus 1. 8 scars + 4 cats +1 = 13

White Ball #2 - Your favorite baseball player's batting average on the day you pick numbers divided by 10, rounded up or down to next whole number. Justin Morneau is batting .306 / 10 = 30.6 -> 31

White Ball #3 - The number of fingers and toes you have plus your age, divide the total by the number of eyes you have. (20 + 36) / 2 = 28.

White Ball #4  - Your age at your last graduation minus the number of drinks it takes you to get a buzz. 25 - 3 = 22.

White Ball # 5 - Add your age in months when you started to walk plus the number of testicles you were born with. Multiply the total by 3. (13 + 2) X 3 = 45.

Powerball - Your birthday date minus 1 if it is an even number, add 4 if it is an odd number. Mine is 23 + 4 = 27.

If you get a zero for any of the numbers, add one. If any of your numbers is 60 or higher, use 59. If you win the Powerball jackpot using my method I will expect a $100 tip for every million dollars you win after taxes.