I have seen some crazy and stupid screen names when online dating. Believe it or not guys (and gals) when searching for someone to date we do look at what you use for a screen name and we can prejudge you on what it is.

If you pick a name with some sort of sex or drug reference and we are looking for a relationship, most of the time we will move on or just ignore your message. Also if you use a screen name that would insinuate that you are a heavy drinker, it's going to be a no for me as well.

Here are some REAL examples of names NOT to use:





Those are just a few, there were others I did not list because of their vulgar nature.

Keep it simple when choosing a screen name. Pick something you like or a favorite color and maybe use your birthday for some numbers in it. I would avoid use 420 or 69 if at all possible.