I used to love to fly but with all of the changes the airlines have made in the past few years, including, but not limited to: the liquids rule, the baggie rule, (put your lip balm, hand sanitizer, hand cream and a salami sandwich all the the same bag!) and the fact that the seats have been downsized, (just big enough for a toddler & their iPad) while many Americans (me included) have upsized, it's not the pleasurable experience it used to be.

It also seems that every time you fly somewhere, somebody on that flight has a cold, or other deadly disease that is guaranteed make sure you spend at least a few days of your vacation in a Nyquil blur praying for death.

But if you are flying this holiday season Triple A has some tips for making it a bit less bumpy:

  • Pack properly - Know what the airline allows you to bring,  know baggage weight limits (usually 50 lbs. for checked bags) and be aware that overweight bags and extra luggage will cost you.
  • Get to the airport early - 2 hours minimum, 3 hours is better. Lines should be lighter and you should be able to check your bags and move through security more quickly
  • Keep all your travel documents together - Even if you have E-tickets, it is a good idea to print the info and keep it with your passport and visa requirements
  • Prepare for security checkpoints - Know what you can have in your carry-on and anything else that might set off the scanner put in the tubs or bins provided for you
  • Find your gate - As soon as you hit the departure area. Once you do, you can relax a bit and check out the restaurants and stores.
  • Keep your essentials in one place - Instead of fiddling around with your carry-on to grab a snack, your book or something else, while blocking the aisle, have whatever you need for the flight in a small bag, stash your carry-on and get seated.

Happy trails & holidays!

Source: Triple A

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