Pining for your lover is never fun, especially when there are thousands of miles or many months between you.

Back in the day, spending time apart from your sweetheart meant tokens of affection and lots, lots of letters. However, in today’s day and age it is easier than ever to connect with your partner. You can hop online, shoot a text, try video calls, the options are many and widely available.

But how do you make it more personal? A smiley face on a cold glowing screen is a poor substitute for human contact. It’s important to stay emotionally connected, but we all know emotions are much harder to communicate via technology! So what are some ways to stay connected?

Imagine if the only contact you had with your lover was limited to the number of characters allowed in a tweet. What would you say, how would you say it? It is definitely quality over quantity when it comes to long distance communication.

If you’re sending 20 ‘LOL’s and few heartfelt thoughts, it can create disconnect. Talk about your dreams, desires, and the highlights of your day or week. Word it carefully! Don’t ramble, and skim on the rough stuff if possible. It’s good to air frustrations, but it shouldn’t be the bulk of your conversation.

Reach out in different ways. If your communication is mainly text, make an effort to call. Send a love letter, via snail mail. Seeing your printed words can have an incredible emotional impact on your partner. Notes, cards, presents, a favorite novel or a care package are all unique and lovely ways to keep you on their minds.

If you wish you could do more activities together, there are still lots of great ways to stay connected! Try an online game for two. There are many options available, including games like checkers, battleship, cards against humanity and more.

Bring out your playful side! You can also use different programs to do things like doodle a picture together, or try out a ‘map date’ where you use google street view to tour an exotic location together.

For things to do while you’re offline, try a treasure hunt! Have your partner make a list of things for you to find (things like a heart shaped rock, a popped balloon, a pretty flower) and collect the items in your free time. Jot down the thoughts and experiences of each item and mail it to them.

You can also do things like screen share to watch a movie together, or watch the sunset. Even without touching, you will be together.

If touch is something you crave, there are options out there for you. Products like the Zeus/Hera S which allows the male end (Zeus S) to transfer sensation to the female end (Hera S) and vice versa for long distance erotic contact.

iVibe 101 which is a remote controlled bullet that allows the user to control the vibration from anywhere in the world via the internet. There are also products that are still in the testing phase, products like BOND and Tactilu bracelets, allowing the wearers to touch the bracelet and send a buzz of contact to their partner anytime, anywhere the world over. Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

It’s a good idea to reflect frequently on what brought the two of you together and has kept you together. That is the glue that will keep your relationship together!

Plan time together whenever possible, even if it’s only an hour layover at the airport. Physically seeing your partner will make your bond stronger. And remember that it is only temporary, and eventually the two of you will be together and stronger than ever.