Wanna shop for yourself or get stuff for free on your birthday? There are a couple things you can do to get the stuff you are shopping for on your birthday at a discount and some things even free.

Sign up on web sites to the stores you like to shop at or plan on shopping at. They will more than likely send you a "Happy Birthday" email with a discount! I have already received 10 of them today! Including $10 off at Victoria Secret! Woot!

Go to a bar, most will give you a free drink on your actual birthday. Some have a special day for the birthdays for that month so do your homework of when they are. Also there are a ton of restaurants will give a free dessert!

I will be buying a new bra today and eating some dessert and enjoying a free drink tonight! Cheers!

If you know of any other free or discounts you can get on your birthday send me an email to mel@hot1047.com