Meghan Trainor is not the average emerging pop singer. While she is young and beautiful, she isn't the package act that has become the norm; a hot young singer with catchy tune written by someone else. While she may not have the look of a backup dancer turned singer, she is the complete package.

Trainor, a mere 20 years old, is a songwriter who has been writing since she was eleven. She already has songwriting credits on two songs for Rascal Flatts and has written for a handful of other artists. Now the Nantucket, Massachusetts native has recorded one of her tracks that is already getting a huge amount of attention.

"All About That Bass," currently #8 on the iTunes singles chart as of this writing, has a slightly deceptive title. Instead of the dance anthem I expected, toting the affinity some people have for the lower third of equalizer, it's a fun, empowering song telling girls to not worry so much about becoming one of those "stick figure-silicone-Barbie dolls" and just love yourself for who you are.

Combined the girl power message with a catchy retro-soda-fountain sound, "All About That Bass" is fresh while still sounding familiar. It's a song, despite it's slightly rough edged attitude, I hope my daughter sings along to in the car.

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