If you've ever had to have a CT scan taken, you know what an uncomfortable procedure it can be - especially for anyone who's claustrophobic. Well, thanks to a device being used at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, that may be changing.

Veterinarians at the University are hoping that an innovative type of CT scan used in the care of horses there could someday be adapted for human use -  eliminating the need to lie still inside a tight tube.

How the new CT scan works is two mechanical arms move around the horse while taking images, allowing the horse to stay awake and stand. High quality images are then turned out, some even in 3D.

The hope of the professors there, as well as many in the medical community, is if the technology can be somehow modified for human use, it could someday make getting a CT scan of squirming children or claustrophobic adults a whole lot easier.

Source: ABC News Radio


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