Honda is the latest company having to issue a recall for its brake issues. The automaker is recalling 350,000 Civics in the U.S. alone due to parking brakes not functioning properly.

The recall includes 2016 Civic coupes and sedans. The electric parking brake may not work if you apply it right after turning the vehicle off. And if it cannot be applied, the brake warning light will ignite.

When the parking brake doesn't work and the driver doesn't select the parking gear, the vehicle has a chance of rolling away.

There haven't been any crashes or injuries reported to Honda at this time, but warranty claims showed there was indeed an issue in the American models of the car.

Starting next month, Honda will be issuing notices to current owners of the 2016 model. Repairs will be fixed for free.

Earlier this week Honda's competitor, Toyota, issued their own recall of hybrid Prius models from the 2016 and 2017 model years. This recall also dealt with the car's parking brake.

Source: Automotive News

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