Everybody likes to talk about Link or Kirby or Samus. The stars of the Nintendo games that get all the attention. But the house of Mario was built on forgotten classics that filled the time between the end of the school day and the start of The Cosby Show. There were there for us when there was nothing on TV and before we figured out how to talk to girls.

Ice Climber

Oh yea, turn up that boogie-woogie theme song. This game comes from the era when a game was named what it was. This is ice Climber, where the game is about climbing ice. You are a small person tucked inside a parka, you have a hammer and an unrelenting desire to jump. The goal is to break ice and climb....no matter how I say it there's not much more than that. Well, I guess there is an eggplant, because that goes with the polar theme.

Pro Wrestling

Dua, na na na na – do do do do do do – na na na na -  na na na na it's Pro Wrestling. Featuring eternal champions that live on in tale and song: Fighter Hayabusa,  Starman, Giant Panther, The Amazon, King Slender, Great Puma. Oh, and Kin Corn Karn. This game brought the good times of kicking your opponent, picking them up and kicking again. And if you are a true master of the control pad you could do one of the special moves! Like biting.

10 Yard Fight

What's that you say? You don't know anything about football? Never fear my friend this game has very little to do with football. But there are seagull sound when your button mashing leads to something good happening.

Rad Racer

does the game let you choose your car, have 3D (if you didn't lose or rip the glasses) and music that sounds almost like songs? Well, it must be Rad Racer. It was fun and fast. OK 1987 fast but it was better than Pole Position.