On Friday night, 21-year-old Ty Alcot of Evansville, Indiana drank enough to put his blood-alcohol into the POTENTIALLY LETHAL range.  His blood alcohol content was recorded at .422 . . . anything over .4 is considered possibly fatal.

Someone . . . we're thinking one of his friends . . . anonymously called 911 after Ty passed out in his car with his pants and underwear, quote, "heavily soiled."

Paramedics took him to the hospital, and some very charitable nurses put him in a hospital gown.  They told him to try to sleep it off while doctors handled several more pressing emergencies . . . like a severely-injured toddler.

That didn't work for Ty.  He got up and wandered out of the hospital.  Unfortunately he didn't tie up the hospital gown first . . . so his bare buttocks were hanging out for everyone to see.

He was arrested for INDECENT EXPOSURE.  And, while the cops were at it, he was also hit with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Ty DID try to talk them out of it unsuccessfully.  He told a cop, quote, "I'm not really a bad guy, I've just been a drunken [a-hole] tonight."