Well this is a new one. Early Sunday morning, Customs and Border Protection agents at JFK Airport in New York City busted two women for smuggling drugs into the U.S. . . . IN THEIR HAIR WEAVES.

The women were Makeeba Graham and Kiana Howell. (--We know Makeeba is 33 and lives in Harlem, but the official report suggests Kiana doesn't live in the U.S. . . . her age and residence weren't given.)

They were on a flight to New York from Guyana, in South America, and Customs officers noticed they were both, quote, "fidgety and extremely nervous" as they passed through Customs.

And that's when the officers noticed both women's hair seemed UNUSUALLY bulky. So they patted down their weaves . . . and found packages of COCAINE in both. Kiana had just under a kilo in her weave, Makeeba had just over a kilo in hers.

Kiana's kilo came right out, but Makeeba's weave had to be partially unsewn from her natural hair to get the cocaine out. Kiana admitted she was paid $7,500 to smuggle the drugs into the U.S. Both were charged with felony smuggling.