The tenth annual Bitterball was last Friday at Borrowed Buck's Roadhouse.

There was music, games, libations, and prizes.

I'd say it was a success, with a huge turnout.  Probably helped that it was Friday.

It was my first Bitterball ever so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Here at the station we brainstormed some new games.  Upon trying them we learned a few things.

For example, we need more 'umpires' on hand to judge what is going on because some of the games moved too fast and were hard to pick a winner.

Our last game, the Daiquiri Dash went so quick that I didn't even get any pictures of it.  Also, there were some challenges on the field as to our call so we gave everybody something.

Ya live and ya learn, right.

Now check out the other events of the evening, The Rope Game, The Candybar Game, The Frozen T-shirt, and The Sock Game.

We also met Tanner Janice! If you remember Tanner called in once and Andy thought his name was Janice.  It has been an ongoing bit on the show.  When we joke about Tanner Janice we are making fun of Andy and his bad hearing in his old age, not Tanner.

We also met a young man named Ross! Good to meet you Ross. And shout out to Jarred.  You and your long haired friend made it an interesting evening.

Until next year Sioux Falls.