Facebook is pretty amazing.  It gives people access to the world and their friends like we've never seen before. The other day I saw a message up on our Facebook that caught my attention.  It had to do with a young gal in Iowa.  I asked for more information from Tami VanDerBrink and here's what it said.

Mady Hansmann is a 12 year old girl in the 7th grade and lives Boyden, Ia. She has had stomach issues for a while and after a while of doctoring they found a tumor on her right ovary. Mady then had her first surgery to remove this tumor on March 5 3013 and ended up being a 10lb tumor!

Mady was doing real good for a while and then her numbers on her blood count started to climb back up so back to Omaha for a body scan. Body scan showed yet another tumor so she has to have removed with surgery yet again and possibly 6 weeks of chemo.Mady  is a brave strong girl! So we are having a benefit supper with auction to follow  to help with medical/travel expenses on October 19th at the Boyden-Hull elementary at 5pm.

So, what do you say.  Put it on your calender and help Mady out if you're in the area.