21-year-old Aubrey Ireland is a dean’s list student at the University of Cincinnati majoring in music and theater. Her parents wanted her to go there, even though she had full ride scholarships to other schools, so they paid for her tuition. Her parents, David and Julie, are also the helicopter parents from HELL. They are so bad that she won a protective stalking order -- against her parents! Why? Here’s the list of crazy reasons:

  • They installed tracking software on her cell phone and laptop.
  • Random drop-ins at her apartment even though they live 600 miles away in Leawood, KS.
  • Accused her of drug use, promiscuity, and mental issues, which they told school administrators they could have her taken for evaluation and bring bad publicity to the school.
  • Mom allegedly assaulted the daughter after a surprise pop-in. Not surprisingly mom said the daughter assaulted her.
  • The parents behavior was so bad the school hired security guards to keep them out of her performances.
  • Finally they quit paying her tuition after she cut off contact with them. (The school gave her a full scholarship for her senior year, fortunately.)

Mediators were brought in who told the Irelands that they were the problem. They, of course denied it by saying their daughter was “a good actor and lying.”

That didn’t matter. A judge decided that mom and dad have to stay at least 500 feet away from her until September 13 of next year.