Tens of Thousands of cattle were killed in western South Dakota as a result of last weekends blizzard.  Thousands of carcasses are being buried in open pits that opened earlier this week.

Beef cows and calves spend the majority of their lives out on pasture. They graze the grass in the spring, summer and fall and eat baled hay in the winter.  In winter these cows and calves grow winter fur coats that protect them from the elements. The problem is that with this early blizzard the cattle were caught without their warm jackets on.

And to make things even more difficult the federal agency tasked with tallying livestock losses after a disaster is closed during the government shutdown.

The estimated cost of the ranchers losses is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.  And now some compassionate folks have set up a facebook page and a website (helpforsouthdakota.com) to help these South Dakotans in need.

They have two ways of giving: A donation of quality-type breeding stock or monetary donations to help cover the expense of fuel/transportation and other such costs involved with getting these cattle to the folks that need them.

  • Our stipulation on cattle donations is that if they are something you would be proud to own, they are the kind we want.
  • Our challenge to the donor is to give the best that you have, let’s make it a good gift.
  • The site to make monetary donations will be up in three days.
  • To pledge cattle there is a list of organizers on the contact us page, if  there is no organizer in your area, please contact Ty Linger: heifersforsdakota@outlook.com   (406)853-3188

God Bless and Thank You to everyone who is supporting and getting involved in helping our neighbors in a time of real crisis.  The way midwesterners conduct themselves in time of great need is not only inspirational it's one of the many reasons I am so proud to live in this area.

This is the first donated heifer from Montana. She's also carrying a calf. / facebook