In between Andy playing Scandinavian dance music this morning on the show, I tried to sneak in some new Hanson Christmas music. It didn't work so well.

But, I don't even care because Hanson released the music video for the title track and it's amazing. The lyric video featured a roller skating Santa, but this is better.

Hanson had a holiday album back in 1997 and did a TV special for ABC, so playing off of that, the guys do a little time travel for the music video!

We see them watching themselves and then they take us through the decades. Because a good Christmas song is timeless.

According to an interview with

“We incorporated multiple mediums, like we shot on Bolex, 8mm, some VHS, and then on some modern, super high-def cameras, so you get this feeling of moving between decades,” Hanson explained.

They are so authentic!

I have to admit the first minute or so made me so happy. Their original Christmas special I taped on VHS and watched over and over. Don't judge me!

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