As we approach Christmas Day, there are many reminders of why this time of year is so enjoyable.  The holiday season is one of giving and excitement.  Those who are looking to give presents for Christmas have many options, but one area of Sioux Falls has numerous options to entice shoppers.

Downtown Sioux Falls has numerous events on the weekends building up to December 25th and a wide array of businesses to frequent.  Maureen Ohm the Event Director of the non-profit group that promotes that segment of the community touts the retail options in the area.  During a recent visit to the faculty lounge at KSOO's Viewpoint University, she also mentions a lineup of entertainment downtown for shoppers and appearances by Santa during the weekend.

There also is an incentive for shopping in the downtown district.  Ohm talks about a coupon book that can both save you money and donate to charity.  By using the coupons, you save.  When you buy the book, the proceeds go to the Banquet’s Project SOS to help needy children.

Maureen Ohm Details The Downtown Gives Program

More than just shopping, the downtown experience includes entertainment and dining options.  For a full lineup of events happening in the core of the city visit their website here.