The other day the question came up. Do you think we need a new grill? We've had that one for 10 years now.

It's amazing how fast time does fly by. 10 years ago we were moving in to our new house. There were no houses to the south. None. We were the last house on the street. Now crews are filling in the blanks and soon there will be houses and construction another 7 blocks, all the way to 57th street.

Back to the grill. I was having trouble with the rear burner lighting all the time. So I called Nyberg's Ace. They had the burner that I was looking for. Let's see $35 for a new burner or about $400 for a new grill. I opted for the burner.

Anything that involves a wrench or a screwdriver poses a challenge for me. Thanks to neighbor Al down the street, and neighbor Carol who heard me talking about the grill on the air the other day I was able to replace the burner. Al set me up with a nifty phillips screwdriver that was 'just long enough,' and worked perfectly.

The burner is in and it seems to work well. I probably should have replaced the ignighter while I was in there.  At least I'll know how to disassemble it quickly when that time comes.

That grill has survived 10 years on our deck. It blew down the 14 steps one blustery summer night about 7 years ago and now it's cooking good as new.

Just think, if I replace the burner again, in another 10 years, it'll get it's second cleaning too.

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Disclaimer. No grills were harmed and no tools lost during that writing of this story or the replacing of the burner on the grill.

Pic by JD Collins-KIKN FM/Sprint Sioux Falls