If you are striking out this year on what you should get your lady here are some ideas of what I would like for my Birthday or Christmas that might help you get some ideas.

  • Jewelry-Honestly can never go wrong with this gift, unless it's a heart pendant...yuck!
  • Coach purse or really anything from the coach store
  • Fashion Scarfs
  • Stubhub gift certificates or ticketmaster gift certificates-I love these because I can use them to buy tickets for Baseball, Football or Concert tickets.
  • Hoodie-Women are always cold. If she likes sports a sports hoodie rocks!
  • Spa certificates-Mmmm Relaxation!
  • Grocery Store Gift Card-Very practical, but not something from a significant other!
  • Perfume-A big bottle of her favorite!
  • Gift card to her favorite store.
  • Digital Camera-one that can go in her back pocket.

For the stocking-

Coffee gift cards, nail polish press ons (not nails the polish ones), lip gloss, cool kitchen gadgets, Tanning gift cards, Restaurant gift cards, gas cards, candles, earbuds or headphones, DVD's of favorite movies or tv series.

Hope this helps give you some ideas and if you haven't shopped for me yet...well now you know what you can get.