A feeling of dread washed over me as the realization hit.  I have to renew my driver's license this year.  The horror stories of people being able to read the entire United States Tax Code while waiting to get this little piece of plastic that will allow you to drive overwhelmed my gray matter.

The rules had changed.  Because the State of South Dakota takes its responsibility to keep us safe very seriously, it added more requirements to the process and it understandably slows things down.

Extra documents must be provided and if you don't have it right, you come back later and wait again.  Many folks have already gone through the meat grinder with many more to follow.

HOWEVER, there is a simple path to get your driver's license renewed and not put in a lot of time.  What follows is a personal testimony on how you get legal to drive and it took me 12 MINUTES.

This is not for those who need to take a driver's test, but for those who just have to renew.

First get all the documents required and if you are not sure what documents you need, go to the South Dakota Department of Safety web page.  You can get everything explained there. If you do have a question about whether your documents meet the requirements you can either call or email the department.

A twist of fate occurred when one of my documents was questionable and I was advised to go to the licensing station to have it verified in person.  Not having the time that particular day to get my license, I said I wanted confirmation on my document and then be back later.

She confirmed that what I had was valid and then said "When you're ready to get your license, just make an appointment."

This woman was an angel descended from heaven.  Upon returning to dps.sd.gov I made my appointment for when it was convenient for ME.

Arriving ten minutes before the appointment at the driver's license station, I spied the sign that said, "Appointments Go Directly To Station 5".

A person was finishing up ahead of me, so I sat down for a small wait.  After 5 minutes it was my turn.

The process began, all my documents were correct and I had my new license in 12 minutes.  If there hadn't been someone there before me, it might have been 8 or 9.

Essentially, just be prepared.  Especially the ladies with multiple name changes need to get the ground work done before you go through the process.  Make your appointment before you renew your driver's license and enjoy time saved.