Did you notice the gas prices when you filled up your car before this cold weather arrived?

If you don't turn your head as you drive, you may miss it rising again.

Depending on where you go, for 89 grade octane with ethanol, prices have risen about 21 cents a gallon in the last week. The increase has been three to five cents in the last day.

Also, prices will likely continue to rise into the summer travel season.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that prices are not expected to top $4 or even average more than last year’s prices.

Gas prices spiked because the cost of fuel and crude oil has increased, which has forced gas stations to raise their prices.

Marilyn Buskohl, a spokeswoman for AAA in South Dakota, said gasoline prices have increased throughout the state.

A variety of factors contribute to the increase, but the primary factors are higher oil prices from positive economic news and issues with regional oil refineries, she said.



South Dakota USA Trend
Today 3.274 3.428 Prices Rising
Yesterday 3.248 3.391
One Week Ago 3.053 3.296
One Month Ago 3.127 3.271
One Year Ago 3.295 3.416
* Average Regular Gas Prices - Updated: 1/31/13