Back in 1998, my daughters were 10 and 7 and when Christmas rolled around, I don't remember either one of them asking for a Furby, even though that creepy little doll was all the rage.

Now, both of my girls are in their 20's and my oldest even has a son of her own. Despite all those major life changes here we are again, 14 years later, with Furbys leading the way as the 'must have' toy of this Christmas season.

The $54 toy, which sleeps, dances, talks, eats and "learns" new behavior is selling so fast that it's hard to find on shelves or on store websites. Particularly hard to find are the most popular of the 10 colors it comes in, which are voodoo purple, teal and hot pink.

According to Yahoo Shine!:

The most popular colors are selling on eBay for as much as $2,500, while less popular colors go for about $75.


Are you serious?  This is nothing more than toy makers running out of any new ideas!