51-year-old George Boedecker of Boulder, Colorado is one of the founders of Crocs. He's a multimillionaire thanks to the world's inexplicable love of hideously ugly, brightly-colored rubber clogs. And apparently, he's also delusional.

On Sunday, the cops got a call about Boedecker driving drunk in his Porsche. By the time they got there, he'd pulled over and was asleep in the driver's seat. And when the cops woke him up, Boedecker told them they had it wrong.

He told them he wasn't driving drunk, it was his girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Yes, the Taylor Swift.

Obviously Taylor Swift isn't actually his girlfriend, we're guessing he's never even met her. He was just really drunk, and ranting. He also repeatedly cursed out the cops and told them they'd just become his enemies for life.

He was arrested for drunk driving. And the police report mentions he was wearing flip-flops at the time of his arrest, not Crocs.