is reporting that after the mass shooting in Orlando, FL. former South Dakota senator Larry Pressler (R-S.D.) announced that he is endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

Pressler said he feels disenfranchised by Donald Trump and modern day congressional Republicans who have opposed efforts to expand background checks for gun sales. 

Quote Pressler:

“I can’t believe I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, but I am. This morning, I woke up and told my wife, ‘Did I really do that?

We need to go the route of more gun control as a result of Orlando and all the other shootings that have occurred, but it’s almost as though Republicans are saying gun control shouldn’t be part of the conversation at all.

This election is starting to sound like the German elections in [the late 1920s].  This is a very dangerous national conversation we’re slipping into.  The worst thing is for Republicans to be silent, a lot of Republicans are just saying, ‘I’ll sit it out, I won’t vote.’ Or, ‘I’ll vote for a third-party candidate.’ But if they don’t vote, they are giving more power to dark forces.”

Pressler served three terms in the Senate before losing his seat to Democrat Tim Johnson in 1997.