Now that our scorching heat wave has passed and our dogs survived the extremely hot weather like champs, it is time to turn our attention to other things that may be hazards to their health- -people food. If your pups are anything like mine, they'd  love to try whatever you're eating, or baking, or chopping up! And in general I'm pretty careful about what snacks they get.

Everyday, each time they come in from going outdoors they get 4 or 5 mini-Milk Bones. At midday they get what I call a "chewy", which is one of those teeth cleaning chew bones. In addition to these dog appropriate treats, they also get the last bite of whatever I'm eating for breakfast, (which is normally oatmeal or cereal), pizza crust when pizza is being consumed, the rare french fry when a burger and fries are what's for dinner and the occasional scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.(Yes I know, a lot of dogs are lactose intolerant, but mine seem to tolerate it well, I wouldn't give it to them otherwise!)

Other than that, most people food is off limits for them. You wouldn't knowingly feed a family member something that might make them ill or even kill them, would you? Of course not! So with that in mind I dug up a article with a list of human food items you should never feed your dog.

  • Garlic, onions, leeks -Any member of the allium plant family can cause anemia by breaking down your pet's red blood cells and can lead to death. Garlic is particularly bad for them.
  • Peaches, plums, persimmons (and any other pitted fruit) - Yes the pits can cause intestinal blockages but it is the cyanide in the pits that can really harm your pet.
  • Yeast- Raw bread dough of any kind, before it is baked, is extremely toxic to dogs and can cause intestinal blockage.
  • Grapes and raisins- Even a small amount can lead to kidney failure and severe liver damage
  • Candy and gum- Especially products containing the sweeter xylitol which can lead to liver damage.
  • Booze - Alcohol has the same effect on your canine buddy as it does on you, but it takes much less to cause problems that can lead to coma or even death.
  • Macadamia nuts- As few as 6 of these tasty items can lead to muscle tremors, vomiting or paralysis

Are you scared yet? The list gets even longer, and if you'd like to see the complete one, just go to