Today on the show a listener texted in to tell us about five things on her desk and then we had to guess something about her personality or hobby or her job.  One of the things on her desk were Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish.  I couldn't concentrate. I was so shocked that there were Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish.

And a week or so ago a listener texted in to let me know that Ruffles makes a new honey mustard flavored chip.  If you remember back to Get to Know the New Girl, I had mentioned that I love honey mustard.  Since then, I had been looking anytime I was in a store just to see if I could find them with no luck.

Then today I said to myself, "Self, those goldfish sound really good.  And since you are out fishing try to find those chips too."  So that is just what I did.  I made a trip down the street and found the chips and the goldfish at my first stop.

I brought my loot back to work and sampled my goodies.  I must say, the chips are delicious.  I like the Ruffles because they are a good hearty chip.  The honey mustard flavor is pretty darn good too.  They would be great with a club sandwich.

Then the Goldfish.  The Goldfish I know are a salty snack usually of a cheese flavor.  I found a snack pack that not only had the vanilla cupcake flavor, but also fudge brownie and s'mores! Jackpot!

While the vanilla cupcake flavor was pretty good, I must admit that I am a die hard chocoholic.  Therefore, my favorite are the fudge brownie flavor.

Thank you to the listeners that suggested these snacks and if you have any other food suggestions let me know.  Leave a message here or tweet me @Natasha_Hot1047 or