As I was driving with my family to a get together at my parents house in Beresford I was shocked at all the standing water. It shouldn't be that shocking. It happens almost every year.

We drove over the Big Sioux bridge on Cliff Avenue and I automatically said "Jackie, look!" My daughter hasn't been old enough to remember Spencer park under water or the Big Sioux tickling the bottom of the bridge.

It's strange to have that combined feeling of relief, that last night's deluge will put one hell of a dent in the drought, and dread that the flash flooding will cause one hell of a mess.

The shocking thing to me is that I always envision standing where the water is knee, hip, or chest high and thinking that would have been easy a day ago. Not so much now without some big-ass waders.

Remember if you see standing water in the street assume it's higher than your hood and find another route. Sounds easy but few people, myself included, heed that warning until they have flooded their at least once. I did it in 2004 in front of Walmart on Louise.