Thanks to Facebook and the Backstreet Boys I was reminded that way back in 1999, Millennium came out on May 18th.

I still remember the first time I heard "I Want It That Way." I was in the car with my parents running errands or something and the local radio station played the hot new jam from Backstreet Boys for the first time during the 5 o'clock drive, I believe. I told everyone in the car to kindly shut up! I listened so intently. I was so focused on every syllable. It was like Christmas in May.

Then the album release day came. I remember I still went to school, but I made my mom pick me up, instead of riding the bus, so that I could get the album right after school. I remember looking through the liner and dissecting every picture and lyric and thank you. Yes, I read the thank yous in the liner notes. You just don't get that with a download!

Then I had to hurry home to watch and record, on my blank VHS tape, Backstreet Boys on TRL. The guys barely got to talk over the screams, but you could still look at their beautiful faces. OH, I miss TRL. Kids today just don't know what they're missing.

Millennium is still one of my favorite albums. I bust that out every so often and rock out because I want it that way!

What were we thinking with our hair and clothes in 1999? Yikes!