Technology is so cool. The Timehop app and the On This Day feature on Facebook allows us to see how boring we have been in the past.

However, every once in awhile, it reminds us that we do indeed have interesting lives, sometimes.

For example, today I go to check the aforementioned apps and I was reminded that Ed Sheeran and I have been friends for one year! Happy Ediversary!

My brother and I met Ed at the movie theater. We actually kind of sort of snuck in to the movie because we thought he might be in there. It was totally worth it! He didn't say much, but he signed stuff and took pictures with anyone who asked. Then he left with 'his people' in a minivan! Balla!

Then, I was also reminded that I saw Backstreet Boys in concert two years ago yesterday! Kevin was back and so was the magic! It was a great show and I pretty much squealed like a ten year old the whole time.

Take a trip down memory lane with me.