The average adult in America drinks about 21 GALLONS of beer a year. Just to put that in perspective, we drink about 19 gallons of COFFEE a year.

So here's  a list of five OTHER things you can do with beer . . . not that you ever would.

#1.) Clean Jewelry. According to, you can soak gold jewelry in LIGHT BEER before you polish it. Apparently the acid in beer helps get it clean.

#2.) Kill Slugs, Snails, Fruit Flies, and Cockroaches. Slugs, snails, and cockroaches are attracted to the smell. Fruit flies are attracted to the glycerol, which is created by yeast when the beer's fermenting. (--Of course, there's also a chance you'll just attract ANTS.)

#3.) Loosen Rusty Bolts and Screws. The carbonation in beer can supposedly help break down the rust. With that said . . . if you have WD-40 in the garage, don't waste your beer.

#4.) Clean Wood Furniture. Not ANY kind of beer works though. It has to be a darkish ALE, and you have to let it go flat first. You're supposed to rub it on the wood with a cloth, then use another cloth to dry it.

It should help restore the color, and give the wood more of a polished look.

#5.) Cleanse Your Skin. The yeast and other ingredients in beer can actually EXFOLIATE your skin. The downside is . . . you smell like you're hammered.